miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Bicicleteada con Eco Huellas

Realizamos un bicicletada con el grupo eco huellas visitando la zona Norte de Nuestra ciudad y así poder ver como se ha solucionado del problema de las inundaciones en las épocas de lluvia torrencial a través de varias construcciones.
Nos metimos en uno de los caños que liberan el agua en los días de lluvia torrencial, pero al final encontramos agua y a pesar de que estaba “podrida” pasamos igual.
Nos divertimos mucho.
Gracias chicos por la buena onda¡¡¡

Last week we went on with fresh-air activity, we went cycling to the North Zone of our city and saw, and analize how did the whole population to find a solution to the problem our city had with the torrential rains, who always flood the whole city and caused lots of problems.
We got into one of the underground tubes that form the system of pipelines, wich function is to canalize the water of torrential rains and avoid floods, just because we were curious.
It was empty (except the end of the tube, it had got stagnant water, but we didn't care, we jumped over it to continue) and completely dark! But again, we didn't care about those things, end kept looking for the answers to our curiosity.
We had a lot of fun, and the new ones in the group were amazed, and grateful because of that new experience.
Thank you guys for being so kind!

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